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Pediatrician for your Children

Nutrition and Dietetic Care

The Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Service of the “Pediatria Domani” Medical Center helps infants, children and adolescents with nutrition and feeding problems. We aim to help all children thrive and grow. Our medical providers lead clinics designed to

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Pediatric Care

We provide comprehensive tailored medical care of high-quality in friendly oriented environment  from birth to adolescence. Whatever health related emergency occours with your child, our wide and rapid service will come in handy. We believe that every individual is unique and that their well being is biological, psychological and social. We focus

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Telehealth PD

Telemedicine service Caring for our patients remotely Telehealt PD is a multimedia service that allows us to visit patients remotely with a video call. The connection can be connected from home via PC or smartphone. Not a customer

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November 26, 2020. Pediatria Domani, medical centre has activated a service of COVID ANTIGENIC RAPID SWABS ON THE OFFICE. The swabs are performed on site at different times from the other services of the practice to avoid overlapping of patients.
November 25 2020 We are looking for qualified nurses or in training for recruitment at a paediatric clinic. Call 329 143 5865 to arrange an interview.
November 24, 2020. Start flu vaccination for healthy children from six months to six years. Book on pediatotem on the specific item
November 8, 2020 Administration Flu vaccine for people at High Risk for influenza complications
November 1, 2020 Whatsapp was uninstalled. Please use “Pediatotem paziente” to communicate.

Welcome to  “Pediatria Domani”

This specialist medical office was founded by Dr. Leandro Mallamaci MD, Pediatrician on September 5th, 1990.

What makes our specialist medical office competitive is the competence, preparation and passion of the healthcare staff besides our  modern diagnostic resources  available. The specialist medical office provides qualified healthcare through telemedicine services. We cover all the healthcare needs for kids aged from 0 to 16!

All in all, our medical facility for minors provides a range of therapy services to children aged 0-16 years of age and their families.

Welcome to the Specialist Medical Office “Pediatria Domani”

This practice was founded in San Lucido by Dr. Leandro Mallamaci  MD, Pediatrician on September 5th, 1990.

What makes our clinic competitive is the competence, preparation and passion of the healthcare staff besides our  modern diagnostic resources  available. The medical centre provides qualified healthcare through telemedicine services and services. We cover all the healthcare needs for kids aged from 0 to 16!

All in all, our medical facility for minors provides a range of therapy services to children aged 0-16 years of age and their families.

Our Advantage

Telemedicine Service.

After the online tele-consultation, the specialist can suggest treatment or an outpatient visit.


Skilled doctors

Every single member of the Pediatrics Tomorrow team is a healthcare professional experienced in their field of knowledge


The first years of a child’s life are very important for their psycho-physical development and for their health.

Tips for Parents

Parenting is incredibly inspiring and rewarding. There are many things you as a parent can do to help your child grow up.

Modern Centre

Pediatria Domani boasts modern facilities and use state-of-the-art equipment aimed and accurately diagnose our patients.

Travel Medical Services

We offer a complete travel medical service, with up to date travel advice and immunisationsfor your impending trip abroad


No, to health budgets

No,  “scheduled visit at filter age”; yes, to those clinically necessary.

Personal Care

We provide caring, comprehesive, convenient, and effective primary medical care to anyone at all, with any type of health problem, no exceptions

Same Day Sick visits

Make an appointment with a doctor

We offer same day sick visits.

Just call ahead for an appointment so we can help you avoid a long wait time and get you in and out of the office in the quickest manner. 

Dr. Mallamaci and his colleagues are prepared to diagnose and treat common pediatric medical problems

Meet our Doctors

The organization of the medical practice “Pediatria Domani” is co-operating with the recent changes in the models of modern medicine. Our doctors guarantee,not exclusively, proper treatment of the disease; but the broader promotion of prevention medicine and health protection.

Dr. Leandro Mallamaci

Dr. Leandro Mallamaci


Dr. Maria Francesca Aiello

Dr. Maria Francesca Aiello

Child neuropsychiatrist

Dr Elisa Boccardo

Dr Elisa Boccardo

Child Development Specialist

Dr. Patrizia Mallamaci

Dr. Patrizia Mallamaci

Internal medicine specialist

Ensure a healthy childhood for your Kiddo!

Bring your baby to our studio, where the quality is high and the prices are fair!

Healthy Children means Happy Parents!

Find out what our patients’ parents have to say about treating their children

During the home isolation for Covid-19 our son Pietro needed to be visited. Our pediatrician made an online teleconsultation. He reassured him and helped him face this delicate moment, away from sport and friends. We never felt alone… Thanks Dr. Leandro Mallamaci!

Genoa 16 June 2020

Francesco e Pinuccia

I’m 22 years old and Dr. Mallamaci has organised  a weight loss diet for me. I am happy with this proposed diet as the food is still consistent in its rich variety. The portion control in the diet program has aided me to lose weight without too much of a drastic change in what I am eating.  Overall, I am  very satisfied with my new diet as I have already lost three and a half kilos in less than a month.

Elena C.

Dr. Mallamaci – with care and attention – provided me not only with an accurate diet, but information and advice for a balanced diet suitable for my health and daily needs. I recommend for his professionalism and dedication.

Torino 29 June 2020

Roberta V.

Tips on Food

The actual diet that your child follows thanks to you is very important for his or her healthcare.

This means that by implementig a healthy menu for you child’s breakfast, lunch and dinner is crucial!

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Autism Treatment

Having your kid diagnosed with Autism disorder is difficult to comprehend.

Embark with us on a journey to ensure a happy and social future for your child!

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Healthy Dose of Activity

Making your child be active throughout the day contributes to his or her health and wellbeing tremendously!

Include regular physical activity into your child’s daily routine. For example, walk as a family before or after meals.

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