Newborn Care

Postpartum support – Newborn/Infant care.

The assistance of a Postpartum Newborn Care Specialist is an amazing benefit to new parents.  Maternal instincts is happy to answer any question you may have, call us today to chat CALL 0039 …..

See a list of the most common care that we offer:

• Create a smooth transition for family during the newborn stage.
• Troubleshoot potential issues of concern with the newborn and offer professional options to resolve them.
• Fill out a thorough log of infant feeding and sleep patterns.
• Assist the family with any feeding issues they may have, including formula feeding and the facilitation of breastfeeding and be knowledgeable in answering breastfeeding related questions.
• Soothes babies using skills and proven techniques that help calm newborns.

To provide care for the newborn and perform some or all of the following tasks:

• Changing, Diapering and Bathing
• Circumcision Care
• Bottle Preparation (Breastmilk and Formula) and Cleaning
• Organization and Maintenance of Nursery
• Make a regular feeding schedule
• Support in establishing healthy sleep habits
• Maintain a thorough log of eating, sleeping and behavioral patterns
• Take over complete care of newborn at night to provide parents time to sleep.


We provide assistance and education after the parents bring the baby home from hospital. Many time this help include scheduling, feeding, sleep training, help with breast feeding and more.

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