Telehealth PD

Telemedicine service

Caring for our patients remotely
Telehealt PD is a multimedia service that allows us to visit patients remotely with a video call. The connection can be connected from home via PC or smartphone.

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The video consultation service is carried out through the system called “Clickdoc”

Payment: In order to access this service, advance payment by bank transfer is required, the contact details will be provided in the appointment confirmation email.

The telemedicine services and services, while being assimilated to any diagnostic / therapeutic health service, do not replace traditional health services in the doctor-patient relationship, but integrate them, improving their effectiveness, efficiency and appropriateness, in compliance with the rights and obligations of any sanitary act.

Telemedicine service

CLICKDOC Video Consultation is more secure than ordinary video-conferencing tools, ensuring that your patients’ personal and health information is protected by state-of-the-art encryption during your interactions with them to maintain doctor-patient confidentiality.

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