Child Neuropsychiatry Service

The Child Neuropsychiatry Service of the Pediatrics Tomorrow medical practice deals with the diagnostic evaluation and therapeutic settling of any

Nutrition and Dietetic Care

The Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Service of the “Pediatria Domani” Medical Center helps infants, children and adolescents with nutrition and

Telehealth PD

Telemedicine service Caring for our patients remotely Telehealt PD is a multimedia service that allows us to visit patients remotely

Pediatric Care

We provide comprehensive tailored medical care of high-quality in friendly oriented environment  from birth to adolescence. Whatever health related emergency occours with your child, our wide and rapid service will come in handy. We

Autism Spectrum Disorders – ASD

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) they occur within the first three years of life, and is characterized by a set of conditions

Physical activity and health

Physical activity and health: children and adolescents When the practice of physical activity is acquired in childhood it tends to

Pediatric Care by NHS

The professional activity will take  place exclusively at the medical office   or in teleconsultation on weekdays. You can book visits

Newborn Care

Postpartum support – Newborn/Infant care. The assistance of a Postpartum Newborn Care Specialist is an amazing benefit to new parents. 


The purpose of public health is to prevent illness. It’s much easier and more cost-effective to prevent a disease than to treat