Pediatric Care by NHS

The professional activity will take  place exclusively at the medical office   or in teleconsultation on weekdays. You can book visits on Pediatotem or the patient pediatotem app or  alternatively by calling the secretary. Visits will be made with a careful telephone triage and, if necessary and at the discretion of the paediatrician, after teleconsultation.

Users are urged not to  use the online booking service for visits (even urgent) and services through the Pediatotem platform for the time being.                                           The electronic delivery of some repetitive prescriptions and certifications has been activated by certified e-mail.


Your child’s health and well-being are your most important priorities. But although you may try your best to keep your child healthy and safe, you cannot predict an emergency and it is not always easy to know exactly what to do when you’re facing these type of situations. However through “ Pediatria Domani” you can take comfort by knowing that our center provides your child the most complete, most coordinated care when they need it most.

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