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In our studio we are using a new multimedia booking service called "Medicami".
Medicami is an interactive service through which parents can make online reservations for specialist visits and services.

Download apps from Google / Apple Store and register:

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Happy Patients
What people say about us. Here are the comments of people who have been assisted at Pediatria Domani.
During the home isolation for the Covid-19, our son Peter needed to be visited. Our pediatrician made an online teleconsultation,  reassuring him and helping to deal with this delicate moment away from sport and friends. We’ve never felt alone… Thank you Dr. Leandro Mallamaci!                                                                                                                                                      Genoa there, June 16, 2020 Pinuccia e Francesco

Days before my rhinoplasty (known as a “nose job”), I was so afraid of the result, reading stories of plastic surgeries gone horribly wrong…But despite my fears, this clinic did their job great. T. Palmer rhinoplasty surgery

You are amazing. Because of you, dreams come true! You are the best! Thank you for blessing my life and changing it for the better. I am very thankful. M. Lee facelift surgery