Dr Elisa Boccardo

Dr Elisa Boccardo

Child Development Specialist

Biography and Professional Life

Elisa Boccardo was born in the countryside of Novi Ligure, in the province of Alexandria, on 17/11/1987.

She has Always been intrigued and interested in people and various character traits. In her high school years she approached the world of professionalism by serving as a Pioneer of the Red Cross of Novi Ligure, dealing with the realization of autonomy projects with children – suffering from Down Syndrome and autism – and hippotherapy with people suffering from motor and mental disabilities.

The sensitivity towards understanding other’s discomfort and the desire to be able to help in the search for a better way to deal with life has made it easier for her to complete studies at the Scientific High School, approaching the world of the rehabilitation of the evolutionary age, enrolling in the three-year degree course “The therapist of neuro and psychomotricity of the evolutionary age” in Pavia.

She completed her studies in 2009 and continued to enrich her training with periodic in-depth courses.

After a first period of voluntary internship at the ASL in Novi Ligure, in June 2010 she started working at the Aosta ASL and then was included -in the autumn of the same year – in the team of the center “MaiSoli Onlus” in Genoa where she dealt with autism.

From 2012 to present date she has been working as Tnpee at the “Cares Onlus” center in Genoa in which she follows, mainly, children aged 3 – 8 years sent by the Local Health Unit ASL .

The most frequent disorders with which she engages are: psychomotor retardation, cognitive retardation, speech disorders, autism, ADHD, motor coordination disorder, dysgraphia.

From 2011 to 2018 she collaborated to the project of “Follow up of the preterm born child”, at the “Children’s Hospital C. Arrigo”” of Alessandria. Thanks to this project she has been able to enrich her experience with children from 5 months to 4 years, promoting their neuro and psychomotor development and preventing any neurodevelopmental disorders.

Over the years she has been a self-employed privately.



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